SathuraGiri – Origin

In ancient times Sathuragiri was known as UdayaGiriNathar. In Udayagirinathar a vast tract of land belonged to a wealthy landlord and an ancient Shiva temple was situated in that land. The temple was taken care by an elderly priest. There also was a stream (similar to the present AgayaGanga Theertham at Sathuragiri) running next to the temple.

One day Lord Shiva, disguised as a Sivanadiyar (Devotee of Siva) came to the temple and struck conversation with the priest. After some time, both the priest and Lord Siva started to discuss on the origins of the temple. The priest replied that the temple is eons old and the land on which the temple is, belongs to a wealthy landlord and he (the priest) takes care of the temple. Hearing this the Sivanadiyar (Lord Siva) laughs and claims that the land belongs to him. The priest, knowing that the land belongs to the landlord, starts questioning the motives of the Sivanadiyar (Lord Siva). To prove that he is the owner of the land, the Sivanadiyar (Lord Siva) grants the priest to take how much ever land he wants for the temple. Again not believing the Sivanadiyar, the priest asks the Sivandiyar (Lord Siva) if the land really belongs to you then you must be in a position to clearly specify on how much land should I take. To this the Sivanadiyar replies that the priest can take how much ever he wants. The priest after thinking for a moment tells the Sivanadiyar that a conch shall be blown & all the land covered by the conch sound would automatically become part of the temple. The Lord agrees to the priests’ condition and offers to blow the conch. The priest not believing the Lord (thinking that the Sivanadiyar might blow weakly), offers to blow the conch himself. Then he blows the conch and the sound travels to a mountain on the north and a small hill on the south. After blowing the priest looks at the Sivandiyar and at that moment the Sivanadiyar vanishes and the Lord appears. Then the Lord blesses the priest and says from now, all the area covered by the conch sound would belong to the temple. This is the origin of the Sathuragiri.

Note: In ancient times, it is said Thaanipaarai played host to the ashram of famous sage, Athiri Maharishi and his wife, Anusaya Devi.